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Zoe Bennett

MBCC Awards Founder & Motivational Queen

Zoe Bennett is an accomplished international speaker and Mindset Resilience Coach, who is widely recognised as The Motivational Queen for her unwavering “never give up” attitude. With a focus on personal mindset development, employability, and entrepreneurship, Zoe has earned several contracts from the DWP, enabling her to help participants coach themselves to pursue their desired career goals. Additionally, through a partnership with Natwest, she has helped numerous business owners level up and achieve greater success. Zoe’s ability to inspire confidence in audiences of all demographics has led to transformative changes in workplaces, resulting in market leadership. As the Founder of the star studded MBCC Awards, which boasts a staggering reach of 1.9 million and continues to grow each year, Zoe shines a spotlight on unsung heroes. Her passion for helping others be the best versions of themselves is evident in her inspiring TedX talk, which helps people get out of their own way.