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Yeshua Carter

Joining EY as an Apprentice in 2018, Yeshua played a pivotal role in the creation and founding of EY Outreach, a creative intervention programme that aimed to steer vulnerable young individuals in pupil referral units away from criminal activities by implementing a creative intervention and prevention program. Over time, EY Outreach has evolved into a highly regarded award-winning corporate social responsibility endeavour, supporting hundreds of young people across UK and various within Government & Infrastructure, including HMP Brinsford, Hackney Council, West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council, and the Government of Jersey. Yeshua’s unwavering commitment to developing the next generation of leaders has garnered him several notable accolades including the Management Consultancy Association Rising Star Award 2022 and the Black Talent Awards Rising Star in the same year. With his passion and unwavering belief in the potential of young people, Yeshua continues to dedicate his time to help create brighter future for the most vulnerable.