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Sabrina Shadie

Director, D’Rose Business

A dedicated equity champion, Sabrina’s values-based businesses are focused on improving outcomes for people and promoting Diversity. As founder of D’Rose Academy and the Diverse Business Network, she is a multi-award-winning consultant and trainer. Establishing the Diverse Business Network in partnership with her husband Damian, they support small business owners from diverse backgrounds in achieving their growth goals. Sabrina’s background in community engagement, inclusive education and behaviour management in the public and voluntary sectors, she understands the values of creating safe learning environments. Her commitment to investing in the development, growth and outcomes of diverse individuals, while also driving change in organisational cultures, resulted in her roles on regional and national task forces, advising NGO’s, public sector organisations and universities. Obtaining fellowships with both the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals and the Institute of Leadership. Sabrina’s work spans multiple sectors and industries, building relationships to support confidence, collaboration and partnership opportunities. As a qualified coach and educator with business consulting expertise, Sabrina excels in providing developmental mentoring. Sabrina invests in supporting professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds through developing inclusive partnerships, showcasing learning and instigating equity approaches to engagement and transformational strategies. The achievements of the Diverse Business Network were recently recognised in The Equity Pledge Report by Black Ops Consultancy. The case study highlights the value of collaboration and building supportive business ecosystems to improve economic success and sustainability. The Diverse Business Network will continue to provide collaborative opportunities and projects, with certified training events planned for later this year.