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Natalie Graham

Natalie Graham is a BBC radio presenter, manager, podcaster, executive producer, singer, backing vocalist, writer and compere. As the manager and daughter of British soul music pioneer Jaki Graham, Natalie has cultivated a wealth of experience and a robust network from years of business and touring. She has learned from influential industry figures, from management and executive levels to icons of 80s, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Motown music. In addition to management, Natalie has leveraged her knowledge and relationships with numerous musical greats to become a prominent radio presenter for the BBC. Her work spans various regions, including BBC Radio WM, BBC Across the Midlands and BBC London and she has also ventured into television, as well as releasing her own music. Recently, Natalie launched the Nattabox Podcast, connecting audiences through positive and powerful conversations with inspiring individuals from music, entertainment, sports, business and health & wellbeing. She draws on the example set by her mother to become a role model in her own right. Natalie actively supports Midlands-based charities, working closely with them to give back to various causes. She is dedicated to leading by example, expanding her platform, and showcasing local talent, establishing herself as a significant voice in the Midlands and the UK.