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Merisha Stevenson

Presenter & Entrepreneur.

Merisha is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Financial Strategist, Risk Specialist, Presenter, Broadcaster and Coach. She has over 20 years’ experience in running her own business, developing business growth strategies for others and leading organisations as a Non-Executive Director. Although experienced with working with companies from a large range of sectors, Merisha’s career has centred largely around financial strategy and risk management, which she has used to deliver successful growth and sustainability strategies for her clients.

A personal passion for Merisha is the work she does to champion Women in leadership and governance, and to achieve wealth creation and develop strategies for Financial Freedom. Her mantra is, ‘Your Mind-Set is Your Economy’, and as such she is committed to guiding clients to tangible results.

Merisha’s love of business led her into the world of broadcasting, and in addition to presenting her own finance show, podcast and working for the BBC, she has contributed to TV, radio and print media over the years to share her expertise. 

Her media work has made her a proficient and professional Event Host, and she has hosted several significant business and community events, including the Birmingham Black Business Show, the Black Business Conference and several events which related to the Commonwealth Games.

Merisha is an advocate for developing multiple revenue streams and is committed to walking her talk. So, she has numerous business interests and partnerships, the latest of which is Mutually Beneficial Talks a platform and podcast to help successful women navigate the world of dating and relationships.