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Melvin Riley

Speaker, Social Tech entrepreneur, Activist & Advocate, Aspiring political leader

Melvin is an economics and politics student, an award-winning social-tech entrepreneur, social/political activist and advocate for race equity and equality, youth voice, mental health, social action, and entrepreneurship. For the past 8yrs, he’s tackled socio-economic challenges by campaigning, implementing, and influencing policy.

He co-founded “NOT so MICRO,” a youth led organisation reforming education to be more racially inclusive through policy, training and accountability measures. Founder of social-tech start-up Atls•Blk the first of its kind social media app for black heritage students in the UK, leveraging innovative tech such as AI, ML and 5G elevating the black students experience and wider black community on an economic, social and financial level.

He has developed his expertise by working with numerous organisations such as West Midlands Police, Commonwealth Games, the Diana Award, Peter Jones Foundation, UNICEF, and others. Through his projects, workshops, and inspiring talks, he has reached adults and young people across the UK and internationally.