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Lady Anne Welsh

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Painless Universal

Anne is an internationally recognised author and motivational speaker, connecting with people on how to deal with physical and mental pain on an individual basis or working closely with corporate decision makers.

She is a global leader in Sickle Cell awareness and former Chairperson of Sickle Cell Society UK. A  leading international speaker and best-selling author of her memoir “Painless: Living with Pain Finding Joy” which was endorsed by Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – Director General of the World Health Organisation. She is an advocate for Sickle Cell Disease and a sufferer herself. A former Chairperson of the charity Sickle Cell Society UK, she supported the development and implementation of policies to improve the quality of life of affected individuals.

Having lived with pain since her childhood, Anne is an expert in improving the well-being and performance of people and organisations and has launched Painless Universal as the platform to support these endeavours after the tremendous response to her bestselling book.