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Keith “Cipher” Shayaam-Smith

Keith Shayaam-Smith is an award-winning Business Leader, Social Entrepreneur and Creative Visionary.

Keith is the CEO at 7E Youth Academy, and Chairman of The Legacy Centre of Excellence, Europe’s largest Black owned Arts and Business Centre. He is also a trustee and Chair of several professional organisations, a business advisor to aspiring entrepreneurs, and has over 20 years of experience in youth engagement.

Keith was also a successful musician for 15 years, established an independent record label/distribution company and toured internationally. He is highly regarded as being an early pioneer of UK Rap and Hip-Hop music.

Keith is also a published author having written 3 books; “The Secret Money Manual” a very “Know The Ledge”, a book about British Black History and modern British identity pre-Brexit, and “Youth Engagement 101” a strategic manual for contemporary youth organisations.