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Kazeem Alli-Balogun

Property Developer

Initially started a conventional route going to university (dropped out) and started a Shisha business. Built a business working at some of the UKs biggest night clubs and also operating and the largest festivals eventually licensing a Shisha / cocktail bar in elephant castle.

Has been in the industry for 10 years completing deals in excess of eight figures over around 40 deals and has raised £1M of private funding. Really loves creating homes people, whether that’s HMO luxury rooms or bespoke new build houses.

In addition to this co-founded a rent-to-rent company called SureRents which was a co living brand for young working professionals. At its peak it was a 7 figures business and I exited in q4 2020 as wanted to focus more on his passion development.

Have worked in property for a long time, however, never really spoke openly about his job / experience. Lockdown changed a lot of things for a lot of people, myself included and in June 2020 decided to join Instagram to showcase the work and projects. Quickly grew a following and focuses on being transparent in my journey and experiences to help other wanting to get into the industry.

The other impact of joining social media was learning how much I enjoy helping others on their journeys and reach their potential.