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Kadi Wilson

Kadi Wilson is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio spanning property investment, Airbnb hosting, and an online travel business, all fueled by her passion for exploration. Leveraging her expertise in these ventures, Kadi brings a fresh perspective to her work, backed by an MSc. in Occupational Psychology. Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Kadi made her mark in the entertainment industry, notably as a rapper and radio presenter. Her experience in event management includes organizing prestigious events at venues like the O2 Arena and hosting a Meet & Greet for Anthony Joshua. As co-owner of Dime Studios, she actively nurtures emerging talents and fosters innovative businesses. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Kadi’s dedication as a foster carer underscores her commitment to supporting individuals in need. Her multifaceted background reflects her versatility and drive, as she continuously seeks to inspire the next generation through various projects and workshops, empowering young individuals to realize their aspirations.