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Julien Brunoir

Julien is an experienced Educational and Skills Coach with over 15 years of dedicated service in improving educational standards. His innovative approach has transformed a school into a centre of excellence and ensured that professionals and their teams receive a quality educational experience. Julien’s leadership extends beyond academic achievements; he is also a proud father to a 9-year-old daughter, a multi-award-winning Kid-preneur, Mental Health and Personal Development

Julien believes in promoting well-being and personal growth and actively fosters inclusive and adaptive learning environments. He recognises that genuine human connections are essential for effective leadership and is committed to enhancing, elevating, and empowering professionals and young people. He works tirelessly to bridge the gap between potential and achievement.

As a coach, Julien helps professionals and educators navigate challenges, build connections, and develop resilience. This enables them to achieve professional growth and recognition. His focus on building relationships is integral to his coaching strategy, as he facilitates a supportive network that encourages professional development and recognition.

Julien has created an inclusive educational setting that celebrates diversity, ensuring that all educators feel heard, valued, and supported. His commitment to creating a supportive environment is a testament to his dedication to the profession and his belief in the power of education.