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Indie Love Gordon

I’m Indie, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, government consultant, UN delegate and global Speaker. I’m also the founder of Halo, a cutting-edge safety app ensuring continuous protection for women, students, and solitary workers, set to launch Q3 2024. Simultaneously, I serve as the Head of Programs and Community for an international platform, fostering connections and opportunities for entrepreneurs while championing diversity.

When I’m not doing those things I spend a lot of time as an angel investor for early stage founders, a transformational coach for anyone/business looking to develop and grow and finally, as a global speaker I travel the world teaching, motivating and inspiring anyone that has a dream and just needs a little help to get it started. I really love what I do and I wanted to share a helpful resource that has changed the change for me. I would love to introduce the ‘do it anyway 12-week year planner template.’ My mission is to simplify the path to growth, I believe that everyone deserves the chance to dream big. With a thriving community of 8K+ Founders, leaders, creatives, and rising stars built over the last 5 years, I seek to empower individuals with the tips, tricks, and processes that have proven effective in my own journey. If you can achieve a goal, you can achieve anything.