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Birmingham Black Business Show, June 2022

Dear Exhibitor,

The UK Black Business Show team warmly welcomes you as an exhibitor to the Birmingham Black Business Show 2022.

We hope you find this manual useful in assisting your preparations for the exhibition as it is designed to help you plan a successful exhibition, avoid any problems and to enjoy a smooth, trouble-free run-up to the event. If this is your first time exhibiting check out our top tips to help you get prepped.

Please ensure you read this manual fully and don’t forget to get your completed forms back to the correct suppliers by the stated deadlines. Your package includes everything stated in your contract. If you require lighting, power or any other services  or utilities these will need to be ordered through the relevant contractor

This manual is not designed to replace our personal service. If you have any questions, require special assistance or any clarification whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a great exhibition!


The Birmingham Black Business Show team is here to assist you in every matter relating to the exhibition.

Please note that for any queries relating to the information contained within this manual, you should contact:

Event & Operations Logistic Enquiries

Operations Manager
Magz Boatemaah

Operations Director
Tanya Dennis

Marketing & Promotions

Communications and Marketing Manager
Laura Bazile

Sales & Sponsorship

Senior Partnerships Manager
Shreeya Rash


Finance Manager
Melina Mavoungou


Build Up Day

On build up day all contractors & exhibitors will be required to sign in and wear wristbands on-site.  Staff will be providing wristbands at the loading door. Please note, access will be refused to all contactors & exhibitors who are not wearing a wristband.

Suitable footwear must be worn during build-up and breakdown – no open-toed shoes. You are advised to bring trolleys with you, as the Organisers are unable to provide these.

On locating your stand, please take time to check the stand number and name board details.  If you think that any details are incorrect please inform the Organisers immediately, as it may not be possible to rectify any mistakes later on.

Friday 17th June 2022
Area Start time End time Activity  






Contractors + Space only build  




Access for official contractor and space only build
Organisers Office 09:00 18:00 Exhibitor queries
Registration Desk 12:00 18:00 Exhibitor Registration and Pass Collection
Shell Scheme 12:00 18:00 Exhibitor access for shell scheme build


 Please be advised that the times stated above cannot be extended, so you will need to ensure your stands are constructed within the set times. If  you need to work later than 18:00 you will be charged £200 per hour – maximum of 2 x hours.

In the interest of Health & Safety, persons less than 16 years of age are not permitted into the Halls during build up or break down

 Please note, there is no storage facility on site for Exhibitors. No packing cases, boxes, flight cases etc of any description can be stored in the exhibition halls (including void areas behind stands). If you require onsite storage for your items, CEVA can provide this.

Show Open Times

Saturday 18th June 2022
Area Start time End time Activity  







Organisers Office 08:00 22:00 Office open for exhibitor queries
Exhibitor access 08:00 09:00 Hall open for pre-show exhibitor access
Show Open 09:00 18:00 Visitor registration desk and hall open for Visitors


Exhibits must be removed / locked away by 18:00 during build up, show open and break down, as their security cannot be guaranteed after this time.

Breakdown Times

Birmingham Black Business Breakdown Times

Saturday 18th June 2022
Area Start Time End Time Activity  




Show close 18:00 Show close
Breakdown 18:00 22:00 Space Only and Shell Scheme breakdown

Please note, the power will terminate each night 30 minutes after the show closes unless a 24hr supply has been specifically requested.

It is a contractual requirement that your stand is not dismantled in any way and that your stand is manned and stocked until the show closes. Contractors will only be granted access into the hall once it is cleared of all visitors. Access will not be permitted before 18:00 at the loading bay. Any staff who will be breaking down your stand and also working on the stand during the open period are requested to comply with these timings.

It is your responsibility to remove ALL stand fitting materials, carpet tape, packaging, excess literature and waste from the hall. Please note that any items left in the halls after 18:00 on Saturday 18th June 2022 will be deemed as rubbish and thrown away. The exhibitor/contractor responsible for the rubbish will be charged accordingly.

All shell scheme exhibitors must remove all belongings and vacate their stands by 22:00 on Saturday 18th June.


To ensure you have all the relevant deadlines relating to your participation in the Birmingham Black Business Show, we have created a list of important activities and dates:

Health and Safety:

The following should be completed and returned by 13th May 2022:

Send to

Send to


The following should be sent by 13th May 2022:

Send to

  • Bio – 100 x words with web link / social media handle
  • Logo – high resolution .jpg or .png
  • Adverts – only submit if this has been agreed with your package
  • Speaker and panellist confirmation
  • Employee spotlight Interview

Stand Organisation:

The following should be completed and returned by 13th May 2022.

Send to



The Birmingham Black Business Show will take place in Hall 8, which is on the Atrium side of the NEC site. Please refer to the NEC Site Plans below:

NEC Atrium Plan


Birmingham Black Business Show Venue Hall MapArrival

Arriving on Foot

If you are arriving on foot please follow directions to Hall 8 on the Atrium 2 side of the site. Take a look at the NEC Site Plan for more information.

Arriving by Vehicle

Please follow the roadway signs for Hall 8 / Atrium 2. All vehicles that need access to the loading areas of the halls either during Build-up, Show open or Breakdown need to register a time slot with the NEC Voyager Control.

For vehicle access or to make a delivery to the exhibition, please follow the roadway signs for Hall 8 / Atrium 1 entrance which will guide you to the designated Car/Lorry Park.

You will need to book in your vehicle via the NEC Voyager Control in advance.

NEC Voyager Control

NEC Voyager Control User Guide

NEC Traffic Plan

When on site please follow the NEC’s rules and regulations:

  • Vehicles may not be parked on red lines or hatched areas unless permitted to do so by the NEC Traffic Staff for the purposes of unloading.
  • Traffic Marshals control the flow of traffic on-site & must be co-operated with at all times. Please remember that build-up and breakdown are busy periods and delays are inevitable, which is not the fault of the marshals.

NEC Traffic Site Plan

Unloading Times

The allocated allotment of time for unloading is issued dependent on your vehicle size.

Failure to remove your vehicle in the allotted time to the outer car parks may incur a penalty charge.

Vehicle Passes

Exhibitors that require off loading/loading of their vehicle close to the Hall must display a ‘Build-up’ or ‘Breakdown’ vehicle pass in the windscreen. This pass will be issued to you by the NEC Traffic Officers at the designated Car/Lorry Park.


Site Inductions / CDM Regulations

During the build-up and breakdown we will be working under CDM Regulations (Construction Design and Management).

Any person who accesses the halls during Build-up and Breakdown must have first read and agreed to the site induction below. All staff, contractors and anyone else working on your stand during build up and breakdown must be familiarised with these regulations and also adhere to the NEC Site Rules.

Once completed, this will be logged and you will then be issued a wristband at the entrance/loading bay that must be worn at all times on Friday 17th June.

NEC Site Induction

In addition, please circulate the NEC’s Emergency Procedures to all those who will be working with you during the build-up and breakdown.

Construction – Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015

Nec Site Rules & Regulations

Nec Emergency Procedure

Health And Safety Declaration

All exhibitors and contractors at the exhibition are expected to ensure that they provide a safe place and system of work, as is their legal duty under the Health and Safety At Work Act (1974).

The venue requires that all exhibitors and contractors comply with UK Law and the venue regulations at all times. Each exhibitor must complete the Health & Safety Declaration formby 13th May 2022.

Risk Assessment

Exhibitions are deemed as hazardous environments and all exhibitors must assess the risks to workers and others, who may be affected by their stand. As such, a Risk Assessment must be carried out for both the Build-up and Breakdown of your stand. The assessment should also include the management of the stand and open period of the show (to be carried out by ALL exhibitors, regardless of size or complexity).

Completing a risk assessment does not mean that you are guaranteeing that there will not be any accidents on your stand, simply that by taking the time to think through your actions in advance and on an ongoing basis, you will be able to reduce the risk of an accident happening or the severity of the accident if it does. Each exhibitor must complete the Show Open Risk Assessment by 13th May 2022.

Risk Assessment Guidance

Risk Assessment Template

Public Liability Insurance

All stands are required to have public liability insurance of minimum £5million. However, depending on the activity on the stand this may need to be increased – please ensure that you get guidance from your insurance company. A copy of your insurance must be sent to

The deadline for public liability insurance is 13th May 2022.

ALL stands MUST provide a copy of their public liability insurance. Failure to do so may result in you being refused a ‘Permission to Commence Build Notice’ or refused permission to open your stand.


All stands will have a fascia name board displaying the stand number and company name of the business exhibiting. Complete the below form to indicate the exact name you wish to appear on your nameboard panel.

Please note the name submitted on the form is exactly how your name board will be printed.

Nameboard form

Useful information

The Birmingham Black Business team are here to help with all your needs in the lead at to the show and have put together some helpful guides to ensure that you are show ready:

Birmingham Black Business Show Exhibitor Guide

Exhibition Success at A Glance

Last Minute Guide to a Successful Exhibition


Shell Scheme Stand

If you have booked a Shell Scheme stand with us your ‘shell’ will be ready built for when you arrive.

Shell Schemes are provided by our officially appointed contractor Creative Hire. All Shell Schemes come as standard in white with white panels and aluminium posts.

All packages include the following, please note all exhibitors must bring their own pull-up banner and signage if desired:

  • 3m x 2m shell scheme stand and walls
  • Fascia name board – displaying stand number & company name
  • Carpet

Shell Scheme Stand

Shell scheme specification

Additional Items

Please note, your package does not include any furniture unless previously agreed – please refer to your contract for confirmation.

If you require furniture for your stand, we recommend using our furniture supplier. Please refer to the Supplier Contact section for details which will be provided shortly.


Space Only Stand

All space only exhibitors MUST submit full details of their planned stand build in order to gain a “Permission to Commence Build Notice”. It is the responsibility of any space only exhibitor that your stand is adequately built and adheres to all the regulations outlined within this manual.

Required Documents

All Space Only stands need to provide the following documents before we can allow access in to the halls to build:

  • Stand Plans.
  • Risk Assessment & Show Open Risk Assessment.
  • Method Statement.
  • Construction Phase Plan.
  • Health & Safety Declaration

Space Only Stands – Additional Information

Designs and stand plans are required to be submitted for ALL space only stands.

ALL space only stands must make sure that stand plans have been submitted to  and signed off by 13th May 2022.

Suggested Package

Our suggested package for all stands should include the following:

  • Public Liability Insurance – no less than £5,000, 000 (five million pounds)
  • Electrics (1 x 500w Socket Outlet, 1 x Light Track with 2 x LED Spotlights) – starting from £160
  • Graphic panels – Foamex panels start from £71.69 + VAT per sqm if pre-ordered in advance. If ordered within 21 days the prices increase.


If you are interested in any of the following services these must be purchased separately through external suppliers. Our recommended partners are listed below:

Creative Hire:


Contact – Birmingham Black Business Show Ordering Link

  • Logistics
  • Storage
  • Lifting & Handling
  • Courier Deliveries

Amadeus – NEC Birmingham:

Contact –



Contact – NEC Order Form

  • Carbon Voyage
  • IT
  • Water
  • Rigging

The NEC also offers a range of services that can be purchased for your stand including internet, IT equipment, on stand security and stand cleaning services. These can be ordered directly using the below form.

NEC Order Form


All shipping, handling, lifting and storage is taken care of by our officially appointed logistics contractor CEVA. Any exhibitors who need to send deliveries directly to the show site are recommended to use the services offered by CEVA.


If you need to make deliveries directly to site during build up you need to ensure you have first booked your vehicle in with the NEC Voyager Control. You will need to book your vehicle if you intend to make a delivery directly to the halls either on Build-up, Show Open or Breakdown days.

Failure to book your vehicle in advance may result in delays on arrival.

NEC Voyager Control User Guide

Courier Deliveries

If you need to make a courier delivery direct to site it is recommended to use the services of CEVA.  CEVA can take delivery of your shipments prior to the event and store them for you. Your shipment will then be delivered directly to your stand on build-up. CEVA can also take direct receipt of any courier deliveries made directly to site during build up.

Before planning or booking your logistics and shipments to the show please first talk through your requirements with CEVA to ensure they are aware of your shipment.

If you are planning on taking receipt of a delivery yourself you need to ensure that you have made the courier aware that they must register a time slot using the NEC Voyager Control. You must also ensure you have a representative of your company on site to take delivery of your shipment.

The organisers will not sign for or accept any deliveries coming onto site.

Vehicles may not be parked on red lines or hatched areas unless permitted to do so by the NEC Traffic Staff for the purposes of unloading.

Direct Deliveries

Deliveries direct to NEC for unloading should be consigned as follows:

Exhibitor Name

Birmingham Black Business Show 2022

Hall 8 & [Stand Number]

NEC Birmingham

B40 1NT

Deliveries should arrive at the venue on the day that they are required on the stand. Deliveries will be unloaded directly to the stand unless instructed otherwise. The same instruction will apply for collecting vehicles after the event.

The organisers will not sign for or accept any deliveries coming onto site.

Vehicles may not be parked on red lines or hatched areas unless permitted to do so by the NEC Traffic Staff for the purposes of unloading.

Deliveries To Onsite Storage

Deliveries via onsite storage warehouse should be booked online and consigned as follows:

CEVA Showfreight,

Unit 3A, NEC,


B40 1PJ

Ensure you make note of the show name, your stand number, exhibiting name and hall:

Birmingham Black Business Show

Exhibitor Name

Hall 8 & [Stand Number]

NEC Birmingham

B40 1NT

Please Note: CEVA is the only company permitted to operate forklifts and other lifting machinery within the halls. Exhibitors must ensure that couriers and contractors are aware of this and we recommend that you arrange this for both the build-up and breakdown in advance via CEVA.

Deliveries should arrive at the venue between 13th and 17th June 2022. Deliveries will be unloaded directly to the stand unless instructed otherwise. The same instruction will apply for collecting vehicles after the event.


No packing cases, boxes, flight cases etc of any description can be stored in the exhibition halls (including void areas behind stands). Exhibitors are responsible for removing all packing cases clear of the premises before the exhibition opens.

Any packaging, flight cases, stillages etc left anywhere inside the halls will be removed and discarded. Please ensure that you have removed anything by the end of build-up.

Anything left in void areas will be removed and discarded.

If you require onsite storage for your items, CEVA Logistics can provide this.

Storage options:

Option 1 – Receipt: Includes receipt of freight into the CEVA warehouse, storage until Friday 17th June and delivery to your stand on Friday.

£95 + VAT (per cubic metre rate)

Option 2 – Collection: Includes post show collection of items from your stand and storage in the CEVA warehouse for collection week beginning June 20th.

£95 + VAT

Address: CEVA Showfreight, Unit 3A, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, B40 1PJ, United Kingdom


All exhibitors are required to register their attendance via the registration link below:

BBBS Exhibitor Staff Pass Registration 

Your exhibiting package includes 3x passes per stand typically used for support staff on the day. If you are a sponsor please refer to your contract for your exhibitor pass allocation.

Each exhibitor pass includes:

  • Exhibit Hall access, both throughout the show day and during set-up/break-down periods.
  • Conference room access to all talks throughout the day – please note this does not include reserved seating or the Gold experience at the show

Exhibitor passes will be available for collection from 12pm onwards on Friday 17th June at the registration kiosks outside Hall 8. Please note passes will not be distributed unless a site induction has been completed.

Exhibitor passes must be worn at all times by exhibitors / contractors whilst on-site including during build-up and breakdown.  Failure to provide proof of a pass may result in refusal of re-admission into the hall.

The deadline for Exhibitor Staff registration is 3rd June 2022. Please note, late registration will likely result in a delay in accessing the hall.

Additional Passes

If you are interested in additional exhibitor passes, these can be requested via Each additional pass is charged at a cost of £25 each and these are subject to availability

Exhibitor Parking

Exhibitors are required to pay for general visitor parking tickets for any cars that they wish to park on site. Parking can be paid for upon entering or leaving the car parks. The cost of parking  will be £16.95 on the day or £12.85 if paid in advance.

Parking can be booked in advance here

No vehicles can be parked in the inner areas of the site including outside the back of halls and or near loading bays and doors during show open.

Your vehicle will be removed if it is parked in any inner area without an appropriate pass.

Exhibitor App

Join the Birmingham Black Business Show Slack Group and connect with fellow attendees, speakers and other stakeholders before, during and after the event. 


Network and find attendees with common interests, receive updates from the organisers and send in-app messages and exchange contact info. 

Click here to join the group 


For more information / guidance on any of the following areas, please review our general information document which can be found here.

  • Accident Reporting & First Aid
  • Accomodation
  • Audio Visual
  • Balloons
  • Canvassing
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Cloakroom
  • Dilapidations & Subsequent Charges
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Fire Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Furniture
  • Items of Special Risk
  • Lost Property
  • Music
  • Security
  • Staffing of Stands
  • Vehicles & Trailer Units
  • WiFi



Cost: Half Page – £95, Full page – £180, Double Page £300

Feature your double or half page advert in our Event Guide distributed to every attendee at Birmingham Black Business Show.


*subject to availability

Gold Lounge

Cost: Free

Contribute up to 100 units of products to be placed in our Gold Lounge exclusively for our Gold Ticket holders and speakers


Event Profile on Website / Social Media Channels

Cost: Free

We recommend that you announce your attendance at the event via your company website. The basic details that you should include are:

Birmingham Black Business Show 2022

Saturday 18th June

NEC Birmingham

Visit us on stand [insert]

Register to Visit Us here: