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Emma Noel-Pinnock

With 20 yrs plus experience in Education and noted outstanding leadership Emma has a strategic and forward-thinking approach to all her endeavours.  

Emma strives to encourage people to see past their comfort zones, to be solution focused despite the difficulties and to stretch themselves past the norm. Emma’s personal belief in people’s abilities to overcome barriers is what drives her in her profession and approach to living. Her belief that every obstacle is a chance for growth and development has led her to be highly effective in her role as the director of the Essential Education Group Ltd.   

The Essential Education Group is a consultancy and training company which focuses on SEND CPD specialising in the teaching of Special Educational needs, in particular Neurodiversity.   Through hands-on practical support and up to date theory the Essential Education Group supports schools, person centred organisations and families to deepen their knowledge of SEND and support the progress of the children in their care.

Emma has a proven track record for developing SEND systems in schools and organisations, helping schools to analyse their current SEND practice and establish a clear understanding of their where next.  

Outcomes for families and individuals with neurodiversity is central to Emma’s practice. As a teacher, trainer, coach, Trustee,  Committee chair,  chair of governors,  a team member and much more; Emma seeks to inspire people and organisations to make room for all people to uniquely take their place in the world.