Christina Brooks

Founder and CEO, Ruebik

Christina Brooks is the Founder and CEO of Ruebik, a leading talent attraction agency. As a life-long diversity inclusion advocate her mission at Ruebik is to impart her knowledge and lived experiences to help better the lives of the disenfranchised, encompassing social mobility, gender, ethnicity, and disability. 

Brooks has over 20 years’ experience in the talent attraction field, including Global Executive Talent Lead at Rolls Royce, with roots in investment banking and private equity. Through her extensive exposure to different industries and the motivations of business, Brooks is adept in all aspects of cultural and racial impacts on business, including boardroom and executive leadership roles. 

Her passion in the field of justice and discrimination is further reflected in her personal endeavors. She is a Trustee for an alternative provision school in London, a mentor to incarcerated youth, and advisor to many black owned social start-ups.