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Byron Dixon

Byron Dixon OBE

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Micro-Fresh® Limited

Micro-Fresh® is a globally recognised antibacterial brand, easily incorporated for innovation conscious businesses, adding value to any product. The award-winning technology is found in over 50 brands e.g. Next, John Lewis, M&S and Clarks. Micro-Fresh® protects against bacteria and odours, keeping products fresher for longer, enabling fabrics to be washed less often & at lower temperatures providing a sustainable marketing edge to their partners.  

Micro-Fresh also supplies Home-Fresh which inhibits mould growth in construction settings – Reducing the risk of mould spores at home which are harmful to health. They have 7 international offices including China, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Vietnam, Dubai, and South Korea.

Micro-Fresh® continues being innovative with the vision to create a Micro-Fresh’d world.   

CEO and Founder of Micro-Fresh®, Byron Dixon, shares his tip for new exporters: The world is a big place, meet people and embrace cultures. Micro-Fresh® began exporting in 2008, now, 90% of our turnover is from exporting.