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Bolaji Sofoluwe

Entrepreneurship Expert and 10KSB Growth Expert.

With over twenty years of expertise and experience in Africa and the UK, Bolaji has a proven track record of strategically positioning businesses—from start-ups to established corporates—to enter and thrive within complex African markets. Her focus has been helping these companies overcome the challenges of the unique business landscape of the continent; achieving scale while developing mutually beneficial relationships. As co-founder/Managing Director of UK based ETK Group Ltd, Bolaji has led ETK’s consultants to help global companies make connections in 32 African countries to date. In her professional career, Bolaji has advised various business sizes, covering diverse sectors including Aviation, Financial Services, Health Tech, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Luxury, Fashion and Beauty, Manufacturing etc. Her previous jobs include working for the Central Bank of Nigeria, Halifax Bank of Scotland UK, and various contract roles, rising to Executive leadership. Bolaji is an Export Champion for the Department for International Trade, a coach on the Mandela Mile, mentor for Innovate UK Edge and an angel investor to a small portfolio of female-led African businesses.