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Ali Kakande

Founder of Carib Eats

I am a community builder and culinary culture curator on a mission to spread Caribbean flavours and create spaces for human connection. Hailing from the North but now rooted in the heart of Hackney, I have made it my life’s work to bring people together through the power of good food and open dialogue. With a background in providing guidance and support, I possess a remarkable ability to make people from all walks of life feel welcomed and at ease. This natural gift for facilitating human connections led me to establish Carib Eats – a community initiative centered around weekly Caribbean canteens. More than just meals, these events offer a profound sense of belonging.

My philosophy is simple yet impactful: We cook, connect, and chat. As the driving force behind Carib Eats, I am also a coach and Life guide, helping people nurture personal growth. I’ve extended this mentorship through pitching workshops, equipping entrepreneurs with the skills to present their visions compellingly. Sensitivity, in my worldview, is a strength to be celebrated – an ethos reflected in my human-centred leadership approach prioritising emotional intelligence. I run operations with an unwavering commitment to positive impact, one delicious bite and heartfelt conversation at a time.