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 9.50 – 9.55 

Welcome from Stage Host

Welcome to the Birmingham Black Business Show by Natalie Graham

9.55 – 10.00 

Opening Remarks

Welcome from the CEO

10.00 – 10.05 

Opening Remarks - HSBC

HSBC and it’s mission on cultivating a culture of excellence in entrepreneurship and professional industries.

10.05 – 10.15 

Opening Keynote

10.15 – 11.05 

From Vision to Reality: Building a Business Blueprint for Success

Join us as our headline sponsors HSBC takeover the main stage. In this panel conversation, HSBC and friends will delve into the intricacies of translating visionary concepts into actionable plans, providing invaluable insights on navigating the path from ideation to tangible success. We will explore strategies and real-world examples that illustrate the art of building effective blueprints for achieving ambitious goals.

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11.55 – 13.25 

Lunch Networking Break

Relax in the networking lounge and visit our exhibitors

 13.25 – 14.05 

The Launchpad

In partnership with Lloyds Bank, the Launchpad is our annual pitch competition, which will see 4 Black-owned businesses pitch live at the Birmingham Black Business Show with a chance of winning a huge range of support benefits. Hear fresh and innovative Black-owned businesses present to investors, buyers and top-level executives.. Come and watch

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 14.35 – 15.05 

Unleashing Financial Resilience: Pathways to Freedom and Security

Tune in to explore practical tips and insights for navigating financial challenges with confidence. Join us as we delve into strategies aimed at fostering resilience, building security, and achieving true financial freedom. Let’s journey together towards a more secure and empowered future.


 15.05 – 15.45 

The Journey Upward: Building Wealth and Success Through Property Investment

Embark on a transformative exploration of property investment, where we uncover the pathway to wealth and success. Join us as we navigate the highs and lows of the real estate journey, revealing strategies for building financial security and achieving your dreams through savvy property investment.


 16.00 – 16.50 

Keynote Session: In conversation with Sharmadean Reid

Sharmadean Reid MBE is a founder, writer and creative consultant who in her 20 year career has launched an innovation led salon, a beauty tech start up and now a media company. Her work explores the role that communities and networks play in relationship between women, equity and power.


 17.00 – 17.50 

Keynote Session: In conversation with Levi Roots

Levi Roots is a chef, musician and Entrepreneur who shot to fame in 2007 launching his Reggae Reggae sauce on Dragon’s Den, where he secured a £50k investment from Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh.Since then, Levi has gone from strength to strength with over 50 different products on the brand, writing cookbooks, appearing on TV shows and much more. Levi spends most of his time these days attending schools, colleges and prisons sharing his positive outlook on life and trying to inspire our next generations. Levi is a regular attendee at DofE Gold Award celebration events.Levi is also an accomplished musician, having performed with James Brown and Maxi Priest, and was nominated for a Best Reggae Act MOBO Award. Most excitingly, Levi is having a feature film made about his life story.



 10.25 – 10.30 

Welcome from Stage Host

Welcome to the Birmingham Black Business Show by Stage Host


 11.00 – 11.30 

Pensions: Why bother?

Pensions and retirement – is that not an older persons problem? Join us as our experts talk us through why a pension matters to those of all ages – you, your friends and your family – and make the complex, simple. Learn about the huge impact a bit of forward planning can have on your future wealth and leave the session feeling more confident about your approach to long-term saving.

 11.30 – 12.15 

How To Become A 6 Figure Speaker in 90 Days

Have you always wanted to be a public speaker or perhaps you don’t know how to deliver a confident keynote speech? Do you want to add speaking as an additional income stream, or do you have a message you want to share with the world? Whatever your reason, this workshop with multi award winning entrepreneur and speaker mentors Bianca Miller-Cole and Dr Byron Cole will show you HOW to become a paid and confident public speaker in 90 days.
The biggest problem we find is people don’t know HOW. They don’t know how to command a stage, how to negotiate the fee, how much to charge, what their speaking topics are, or how to find speaking gigs. The list is endless. In this workshop we will show you HOW with clear and practical steps leaving you with a clear and implementable roadmap to achieve your speaking goals.

 12.30 – 13.15 

Roundtables: Meet the Experts

1. Content Marketing magic – Unleashing your brand’s potential (with very little budget!)
2. Be the Boss International
3. How to build a strong pitch deck to land big investment
4. Attracting and developing the right talent for business success
5. The Art of Attraction: Winning Over More Customers for Your Business

 13.45 – 14.15 

Navigating Loneliness at the Top: Strategies for professionals in the Business World to Foster Connection

Join us for an inspiring panel discussion focused on fostering connection and resilience among Black professionals in leadership roles. In this conversation, we’ll explore the power of authentic relationships, mentorship, and community support networks in overcoming isolation and thriving in the corporate world. Expect to hear personal stories of triumph, practical strategies for building meaningful connections, and insights on navigating challenges with grace and resilience. Together, let’s empower each other to rise above loneliness and forge paths of success and fulfillment in our professional journeys.


 14.15 – 14.45 

Sweet Success: Top Tips for Starting to sell Overseas

Join Gbemi Shitta, Director of SweetDoughThings in a fireside chat with Mark Burkett, UK Export Academy Adviser. Find out how, in just 3 short years, Gbemi grew her confectionary business into an international, award winning company where exporting now accounts for 80% of the business turnover.

With great tips on how to successfully grow your business and start to sell overseas, hear first hand from a business owner like yourself , sharing all her top tips and challenges in a frank and open fireside chat.

The chat will discuss issues such as:

· How to start your journey and take those initial steps into a global market.

· How to secure new international customers.

· How to build brand awareness in new international territories.

· How to navigate barriers along the way.

· What support did they have and how the free support from the Dept. for Business and Trade helped

 14.45 – 15.15 

From Identity to Impact: Nurturing Your Personal and Professional Brand

Discover essential strategies and insights to refine your image, amplify your impact, and stand out in today’s competitive landscape. Explore the power of Public Relations (PR) to enhance your brand’s visibility and credibility. Join us to unlock the keys to authenticity, consistency, and resonance in shaping your brand narrative. Elevate your presence, engage effectively with your audience, and cultivate lasting connections that propel your personal and professional success.


 15.15 – 15.45

Culinary Excellence Black Leaders Building Food and Drink Empires

Step into the captivating stories of culinary trailblazers as they take the main stage. Delve deep into their personal journeys, uncovering the triumphs, trials, and pivotal moments that shaped their paths to success. Be enthralled by their raw insights, as they impart wisdom and a vision for nurturing aspiring black entrepreneurs in the vibrant world of food and drink.


 15.45 – 16.15 

Beyond Reality: Harnessing AR and AI for Business Transformation

Experts will explore how integrating AR and AI will revolutionize industries, enhancing human experiences and driving innovation. Anticipate insights on how these technologies will enrich daily interactions, empowering businesses to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


 16.15 – 16.45 

10 Golden Rules of Negotiation from an Expert

Join us on a transformative journey as we delve into the art of negotiation and its profound impact on building a life of power and purpose. In this keynote, we will explore Scotwork’s 10 Golden Rules of Negotiation in order to achieve better outcome andto build long-lasting relationships with your partners.

Through insightful discussions, we will uncover the essence of negotiation as a multifaceted dance of communication, understanding, and compromise. You can expect to gain some practical strategies for navigating personal and professional interactions with finesse and empathy, enhancing your ability to shape your destiny and leave a lasting legacy.

This keynote promises to equip you with some of the tools to inspire change, foster collaboration, and cultivate meaningful connections. Join us as we embark on a journey of growth, transformation, and empowerment, harnessing the power of negotiation to ensure that you are always leaving the negotiation table feeling like you have achieved your objectives.


Room Closed - Head to the main stage to hear the closing keynote from Sharmadean Reid and Levi Roots


 10.00 – 12.00 

Scale-up Sessions 1: Let's talk PR & Branding

If you want to build your brand and market your business this is the best session for you.

1 to 1 consultation to founders during the the show where founders and businesses can gain insight, strategy and practical know-how from 2 experienced experts who have delivered across the areas of branding through to PR for brands and organisations, big and small.

 14.00 – 16.00 

From Idea to Startup: The Steps to Take when Starting a Business

During this workshop we will run you through the step by step process of starting a business.

ROUNDTABLES – Meet the Experts

 12.30 – 13.15 

Content Marketing magic - Unleashing your brand’s potential (with very little budget!)

Are you feeling stuck in a rut with your content strategy? Are you struggling to reach new audiences? Are you ready to unleash your brand’s incredible potential?

12.30 – 13.15 

How to build a strong pitch deck to land big investment

Crafting Compelling Pitches: Mastering the Art of Building Strong Deck for Big Investments” is a dynamic session designed to empower entrepreneurs with the essential skills to create impactful pitch decks that resonate with investors. Join us as we dive into the elements of effective storytelling, data presentation, and strategic messaging that captivate potential investors. Learn how to articulate your vision, showcase market potential, and demonstrate financial viability to secure the investment needed to propel your business forward.

12.30 – 13.15

Be the Boss International

 12.30 – 13.15 

Attracting and developing the right talent for business success

12.30 – 13.15 

The Art of Attraction: Winning Over More Customers for Your Business

If you have no paying customers you have no business. You don’t want a better website, or a better logo, what you really want is more customers. Learn how to get more people interested in your business, from someone that’s been there and done it and taught thousands.


10.30 – 11.00 

Fresh out of uni: How to land your dream job in your chosen field

Leaving university and embarking into a whole new world of work and career can be an exciting and also scary time. In this workshop we show you how to become career ready and land the job of your dreams.

13.30 – 14.00 

Futureproof careers: How to build on your skills and mindset to ensure career longevity

In this panel, we’ll be exploring how you can maximise the power of intrapreneurship to create career longevity in your place of work, and careers across different industries that will stand the test of time in an ever-changing job climate.